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The Drama Department Annual Marilyn Swartz Seven '69 Playwriting Competition

The Marilyn Swartz Seven ’69 Playwriting Award was established by friends and classmates of the late Ms. Seven to support an annual playwriting competition open to all Vassar juniors and seniors.  

About the Competition

The author of the winning play receives a $1,000 award and a certificate. The Drama Department will host a limited seating reception and award presentation. Entry forms and play submissions are accepted late fall, and the winner is announced in early spring each academic year.

Documents for the Competition

Playwriting Guidelines 2019-2020:

Entry form 2019-2020: 

Submit completed forms to:

2019-2020 Competition

Play Submissions may consist of:

  • One full-length stage play
  • Two one-act stage plays
  • One full-length musical stage play
  • Two one-act musical stage plays



2019-2020 RECIPIENTS

Previous Recipients

Yael Haskel ’19
Winner 2019
“Trivial Pursuit”

Imani Russel '18
Winner 2018
"Audra McDonald and Marsha P. Johnson Deliver a Message About the End of the World" 

Alexa Jordan '17
Winner 2017

Juliany Taveras ’16
Winner 2016
“Anatomy of Light”

Rebecca Jannou ’16
Winner 2015

Kevin Ritter ’15 and Nick Pearl ’14
“Lawn Play” by Kevin Ritter
Also Starring Ellen Burstyn” by Nick Pearl

Winners 2014

Erin Gallagher ’13
“American Soldier”
(honorable mention presented to Tatiana Collet-Apraxine ’13 for "Planet of Ashes and Snow")

Winner 2013

Isabella Batts ’12
Winner, 2011
“The Inheritance of Nightdreams”

Julianna Gonzalez ’11
Winner, 2010
“El Mundo del Bolero”

Kartik Naram ’10
Winner, 2009
“Straw Men & The Remainders One Act Plays”

Carly Flint ’10
Winner, 2008
“Draining Still & Waterlines”

Marissa Skudlarek ’08
Winner, 2008
“The Rose of Youth”

Ensemble: Rigel Byrum-Ridge ’07, Li Cornfeld ’07, Erica Fox ’07, Tyler Penfield ’07 David Rosenbaum ’07
Winners, 2006
“Live Feed”

Jason Platt ’06
Winner, 2005
“Entering in Verdant Skin”

Christopher Johnson ’05
Winner, 2004
“Ol’ Head Country Wisdom & the Ibeiji’s Tale”

Megan Melanson Cooke ’03
Winner, 2003
“Over Here”

Sharyn Rothstein ’03
Winner, 2002
“The Three O’Clock”

Sri Gordon ’01
Winner, 2001

Rob Grace ’00
Winner, 2000
“Paper Hearts and Suffern”

Trevor Oswalt ’99
Winner, 1999
“Young Boys Under Hot, Hot Lights”