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At a glance: Our theaters

Powerhouse Theater: general seating, free admission, not open to the public

Martel Theater: (seating chart) free admission, open to the public

Streep Studio: very limited seating. Not open to the public.

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By Mark V. Olsen
Directed by Christopher Grabowski
An epic slice of history centering on 1970’s Alabama politics. Beautiful, divorced beauty queen Cornelia Folsom is a force of nature who works her way into the heart of Governor George Wallace. Together they plan to take over the state and then the White House, until an assassination attempt halts his presidential campaign. But no obstacle is too great for Cornelia to overcome, as she secretly harbors her own political ambitions amidst a hostile campaign staff, her rarely-sober mother, and Southern shenanigans in this sweeping, provocative tale of sex, power, and bare-knuckled American politics.
Senior Project Members: Nick Franzen, Emma LaPlace, Avery Vaughn
Campus Guests Only - Reservations required - Very Limited Seating
Reservations open February 13
*a senior project in Drama
This production made possible through special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc.

February 27, 28, 29, 2020
Streep Studio, Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film

h.b. floating palace

An original play by Rahul Makwana ‘20
Directed by Henery Wyand ‘20
After spending the past 25 years in a suburb of Massachusetts, an elderly Indian couple (Sher and Puja) moves to a houseboat (called h.b. floating palace) in the scenic Himalayan valley of Kashmir in India. The two are always engaged in seemingly petty arguments but at the core, they are true romantics. Through the breaking of the fourth wall, alternate spaces of the past are recreated, specifically their interactions with their son (Rohan), daughter-in- law (Maya) and granddaughter (Tara). Sher shows symptoms of Bipolar disorder and Puja, without realizing this, adjusts her behavior based on Sher’s high energy so that he remains unaware of his actions. The couple move to Sher’s childhood home in Amritsar, India. Sher tries to get in touch with a childhood friend (by writing a letter) who he thinks has been living in Pakistan. Sher goes to the border ceremony and tries to cross over to Pakistan and gets arrested in the process. Sher and Puja return to h.b. floating palace. Sher is depressed, Puja is frustrated. Sher writes one final letter to his friend.
Senior Project Members: Rahul Makwana, Henery Wyand
Campus Guests Only - Reservations Required
Reservations open April 2
*a senior project in Drama

April 16, 17, 18 2020
Powerhouse Theater

Mississippi Mud

an original play by Shona Tucker
Directed by Logan Pitts '17
Set in 1923 on the Mississippi-Alabama line, Mississippi Mud by Shona Tucker, based on a true story, is the first part of a trilogy about the African American female journey to selfhood. This piece is a coming of age story of Patsy Hubbard, Jr., a tall, angular, gangly sheltered black girl of the Alabama small town of Aliceville. In a heightened story theater style, we journey with Patsy as she discovers some harsh realities about her world.
Open to the Public - Reservations required - TIcketed and assigned seating performance
Reservations open April 9

April 23, 24, 25 2020
Martel Theater, Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film

A reading of the Annual Playwriting Award - TITLE & RECIPIENT TBA

by TBA
Synopisis: TBA
Sponsored by the Marilyn Swartz Seven '69 Annual Playwriting Competition / Award
Campus Guests only - Reservations Required - Very Limited Seating
Reservations open April 14

April 26, 2020
Streep Studio, Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film