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Powerhouse Theater: general seating, free admission, not open to the public

Martel Theater: (seating chart) free admission, open to the public

Streep Studio: very limited seating. Not open to the public.

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the seagull

by Anton Chekhov
in a new translation written by Sadie Frank '19*
Directed by Julian Corbett '19*
*Senior Project Members: Rachel Altemose '19, Nupur Balain '19, Julian Corbett '19, Ethan Fox '19, Sadie Frank '19, Allegra Kaufman '19, Katie Scibelli '19
we need new forms. if we can’t have them, it’s better to have nothing. summer heat. a dead bird. the struggle to make art. kostya puts on a play. the play goes a little wrong. his mother doesn’t like it. what’s it about? the girl from across the lake wants to be an actress. the famous writer just wants to go fishing. everybody wants to be somebody they’re not. nobody’s in love with the person they should be. Chekhov hid backstage at the premiere because no one understood his play. not much has changed.
Campus Guests Only - Reservations required - RESERVATIONS OPEN MARCH 5

April 4, 5, 6 2019
Powerhouse Theater

*a senior project in Drama


An original musical written by Emily Drossell '19 and George Luton '19
Directed by Allison Breeze '19*
*Senior Project Members: Jacqui Anders '19, Allison Breeze '19, Emily Drossell '19, Raphe Gilliam '19, George Luton '19, , Lindsay Matheos '19,
An inventor and her colleague venture to the frozen wasteland at the top of the world to research the arctic circle’s prehistoric inhabitants, hoping that they may discover the secret to curing the epidemic that is plaguing their city. They convince an investor to join them and assemble a crew with tangled histories. Haunted by figures from their intertwining past, the members of this expedition wrestle with capital interest, scientific absolutism and spiritual fulfillment as they encounter both precious minerals and deadly plagues entrapped within the ice, and the northern lights shine overhead.
Open to the Public- Reservations Required - RESERVATIONS OPEN MARCH 27

April 11, 12, 13 2019
Martel Theater, Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film

*a senior project in Drama