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Annual Playwriting Recipients Announced

Please join me in congratulating the two recipients of the
MARILYN SWARTZ SEVEN '69Annual Playwriting Competition.
Nick Pearl '14 for ALSO STARRING ELLEN BURSTYN (a working title)
Kevin Ritter '15 for LAWN PLAY
The students will receive a award prior to the reading of excerpts of their plays.
The plays will be read to a small invited audience followed by a private reception:
Saturday, April 19, 2014 

This award is made possible thanks to the Marilyn Swartz Seven Fund established by Ms. Seven’s Vassar classmates and friends.

The late Ms. Seven was a member of the Vassar Class of 1969 and enjoyed a distinguished career as a playwright.  


ALSO STARRING ELLEN BURSTYN is a series of loosely related comedic vignettes highlighting our relationship with pop culture and the influence it has over our lives.

About the playwright; Nick Pearl –

Nick Pearl '14 is a senior Drama major. He is the current President of both HEL (a sketch comedy troupe) and Vassar College Vassar Improv (an improvisational comedy troupe). Nick hopes to one day be the first man to set foot on the moon.

LAWN PLAY by Kevin Ritter ‘15

Mike and Martha just want to have the perfect lawn so they can have the perfect Labor Day picnic, but the lawn appears to be in a state of constant rebellion. So, Mike and Martha call in Dr. XXXXX, a specialist in "lawn psychiatry" to help them decode the language of the lawn. ///<<`=`|||||\\\\____/\/ Lawn Play is a hysterical* comedy about suburbia and climate change.

*hysterical: out of control, crazed

About the playwright; Kevin Ritter –

Kevin Ritter is currently a junior at Vassar College majoring in English and Urban Studies. His plays include Lawn Play (winner, Marilyn Swartz Seven Playwriting Award), Rebecca and Jeremiah: The Strange (Semi-Finalist, Indie Boots Theater Festival, 2013), The Cosmos (performed at Cleveland Public Theatre's "Pandemonium" benefit, September 2013), Leave 'Em Fallin' Down (Unbound Student Theater, November 2012) and Erato: a tragedy perhaps (Marilyn Bianchi Playwriting Festival, June 2011). He is a member of the Britomartis Devised Theater Ensemble, which produces an original work every semester on a topic of the group's choosing; shows have included A Totally Real True-to-Life Play, harlot/nun, Mixtape, and, opening in May 2014, Fall, an adaption of Milton's Paradise Lost. When not making theater, Kevin performs in the Vassar College Choir and is a floor fellow on Raymond's House Team.