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THE REZ SISTERS by Tomson Highway performs May 2, May 3


By Tomson Highway

Director Kathy Wildberger

Assistant Directors: Arianna Gass '13 and Justin Myhre '14

featuring Cliff Matias of THE REDHAWK DANCERS 

May 2 - 8:00pm

May 3 - 5:30pm and 9:00pm

Martel Theater

Open to the public-reservations are required for assigned seating. 

The Rez Sisters features an ensemble cast of seven women dreaming of winning, and working toward raising enough money to attend, "The Biggest Bingo in the World," and one male actor/dancer in the role of  Trickster Nanabush. The play melds the sometimes dark realities of life on an Indian Reservation with the humor and elements of Aboriginal spirituality. It features excerpts of dialogue in the Cree and Ojibway language and offers a window into the world of the Rez, with it’s tragedy and humor. The production will involve Dance Theatre and choreography, as well as a rich investigation of Native American and Indian stereotypes and archetypes.

This production is supported in by the Beatrice Snyder Foundation, the Carolyn Grant '36 Endowment for the Expressive Arts, The Department of American Culture and The Dance Department.